vintage wedding dresses price


Our vintage wedding dresses prices start at £300 and go up to about £3,000, extraordinary pieces are occasionally more. Most dresses are in the £700 to £1,200 bracket.

Simple but beautiful examples of period style with little embellishment in the way of lace, detailed pattern cutting or other detailing will usually cost £300-£700.

Classic examples using beautiful fabrics, lace, detailed patterns and other embellishments will usually make a dress in the region of £700 to £1200.

Exquisite examples using the finest fabrics, elaborate cutting, fine lace or having a particular scarcity value are priced accordingly and will normally be more than £1200.

Alterations & Extras

Sizing alterations cost typically in the region of £300.

Petticoats (to order) are available, the “standard” version is a 5 layer 4 tier version at £125. Extra layers, bespoke colours or length will increase the price.

Under dresses, made bespoke in house, are available as 2 layers of modern high quality crepe backed silk satin and cost from £300.

Sashes in modern double faced satin ribbon, dyed to match your dress cost from £15.

Accessories start at £25 for vintage broaches and go up to £250 for elaborate vintage headpieces.