Vintage Kimonos

Vintage Kimonos

This is very much a departure for us, but they are so lovely it is impossible to resist them.

These are all original vintage kimonos from Japan, all post 1940 and as late as 1980 – we think. It is quite hard to date them as kimono cut has not changed in hundreds of years, only the designs on them have changed over time. These are perfect for that hair and makeup moment before putting your wedding dress on and when your old Hello Kitty robe just doesn’t cut it. You also get to wear it for ever after; great for by the pool or otherwise lounging on honeymoon!

I sell these in a rather old fashioned “mail order” kind of way. Drop me an email detailing the one you would like and you can then send me a cheque or we can sort out a bank transfer. Postage is on top of the price quoted. Furisode are £250, Komon are £125 and Uchikake are £600.

Condition – all these kimonos have been worn and some have very slight foxing. All are actually in remarkably good condition and the silk is without exception wonderful. If there are particular marks worthy of note I will point them out, but I will not be offering poor examples for sale, as with everything I sell.

The stand has been set at little more than 6 foot, so you can see that they are well able to cope with even the tallest girls. If you are a bit shorter the Obi sash/belt would traditionally make them the required length, however we can put belt loops on for a dressing gown cord, or even turn them up to the correct length for you. One size fits all otherwise! We endeavour to keep this gallery up to date only with kimonos that are available to buy.

original vintage kimonos